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Confidence is king in this world where intelligent people who possess traits described as extroverted, outspoken, and decisive rule. They get attention, they get opportunities and they get the benefit of the doubt. But self-confidence without self-awareness can create productivity concerns, morale issues and even legal exposure. Learn takeaways you can use to incorporate an appropriate balance of confidence and awareness in your management style and in your management team.

Format Options: 1 Hour Presentation


Conflict is inevitable and how managers handle it can be the difference between a ripple or a tidal wave of disruption to the work environment. This program discusses ways to understand conflict so that you can more effectively manage disputes. It introduces methods to help you with resolution and, if necessary, provide a strong position for defense against claims.

Format Options: 1 Hour Presentation; 6 Hour Workshop


Not when it comes to performance management. A poorly administered performance process increases legal risks and threatens the work environment. This program discusses the importance of delivering accurate feedback in an appropriate way. It provides guidance and approaches for managers to prepare for effective, objective conversations with employees.

Format Options: 1 Hour Presentation; 6 Hour Workshop


The typical employee comes to work anticipating expectations will be clearly set and to be held accountable to meet them. When an employee fails to meet performance or behavior standards and this does not happen, it can create employee relations issues and legal risks. This program discusses ways, such as progressive discipline, for managers to deal with employee performance/behavior issues promptly and in a respectful way. And, if necessary, provide a strong defense against claims.

Format Options: 1 Hour Presentation; 6 Hour Workshop

People Skills Reduce Risk

Solid functional skills are undeniably critical however Interpersonal skills are often undervalued. For employees to adhere to your compliance program, your managers need more than strong technical and analytical skills. Once the policy, goals and KPIs are defined your program needs to become part of your company culture to be truly effective. Interpersonal skills are key to building a positive culture that elevates the perception of a program beyond a “check the box” exercise to one where Compliance becomes embedded in individual behavior throughout the organization.

Format Options: 1 Hour presentation

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